Hi. My name is Calvin Butler I am the Founder & CEO of;

The largest network of Independent Dispatch Firms in the country.


“RBBS Assurance USA”

With a Branch office in 48 states; we manage the largest network of Owner Operators in the United States. Primarily, Dry Van, Flatbed and Refrigerated Units and we would welcome the opportunity to transport your freight while allowing you to;

“Keep More of Your Money and Increase Your Profit Margins”


We are America's trucking industry's first & only provider of:

"A National Flat Fee Dispatching Service; Featuring: "A MINIMUM RATE PER MILE GUARANTEE"

Designed to Enhance Owner Operator's Bottom Line.


Our Network of Owner Operators; have agreed to the following terms of The RBBS Assurance USA’s Dispatch Agreement:

All Freight Dispatched By; Assurance USA Will Reflect A Minimum Weekly Average of $2.00 Per Mile or Greater for Dry Van freight; $2.50 for Flatbed and $3.00 for Refrigerated.

Or, Assurance USA Will Pay An Additional $1.00 Per Mile On The Lowest Paying Freight Dispatched To Them By Us;

"Regardless of The Mileage"


This presents an opportunity to form a business relationship that allows you to increase your profits on your existing freight and Assurance USA to satisfactorily fulfill the terms of and meet the load pricing needs of our large Owner Operator client base.

It will also allow us to transport a large portion of your subpar priced freight or cheap freight as it is referred to in the industry.


The Dry Van freight you currently have priced above $2.25 per mile. Simply reprice it to fit within our clients acceptable minimum average rate; Example:

Dry Van Freight Priced at $2.50 per mile; Reprice it between $2.25 and $2.45 per mile and increase your profit margins. Do the same with your Flatbed freight priced above $2.60 per mile and your Refrigerated freight priced above $3.25 per mile.

We are not concerned with your profit margins; In fact, we want you to experience higher margins of profit when transacting business with RBBS Assurance USA.

In doing so we are Guaranteeing a Long and Mutually Profitable Business Relationship.


Please forward your daily or weekly “Repriced Load List to:


Thank you.

We look forward to helping you to earn higher profits & moving more freight.


Calvin Butler

Assurance USA

1(800) 381-8720


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